Studio #1. Tanya Ivankova

Studio #1. Tanya Ivankova



Meet Tanya Ivankova - artist, illustrator, printmaker.

She lives in a fairytale house near Moscow with her family and I want to show you place where this artist creates.











Tanya as a great person to talk to, it was so easy and fun, that I actually accidentally bite her arm while l was laughing hard. I swear :) 


And after that it is even more interesting to think about her work - so deep and frozen in time, seems to be covered in snow forever. These works are free from any pressure for a spectator and gives freedom to put one's mind to it.





Tanya's studio.


The most intriguing part is, of course, big soviet etching press standing in the middle of the studio. It always gives feeling of the sea to stand and rotate huge wheel. Children and cat peek in the studio. Tanya says she find a lot of inspiration in her children's works and in children art at all, that was the thing that brought her back to illustration after a pause. 

Tanya creates her timeless art with dry point and etching on plastic, actually I don't know whether the second one is widely known technique, i think it was invented in Russia few years ago.


Join me to watch artist working.




It is much more than printmaking in Tanya's projects:








Thank you Tanya for inspiration and trust to be the first one for Studio project :)


_________________________________________________________________________________________________Studio is a photo project to share amazing places where art created. From the childhood I have enormous love to all art-related pieces of Earth, and I want to share this feeling.