Sport for artists.

Why I think it is important for illustrators (not only) to do sports.

Once I changed career of blood-researcher to illustrator, there were some life-changing differences. For example, no one seemed to be in sports anymore. When you are a physicist, you are told to do sports not to go insane. I wonder does anyone tell this to illustrators.




Why I think it is important to everyone?


1. Health. It seems to be obvious. There is a question about dosage of sport, but your body needs activity. This is how it works. When you are sitting down all the time, you have you neck, spine and head hurts, you have kilograms gaining each year. Cookies while drawing, some sweet stuff, huh? It works when you are 30. Actually I know only few illustrators older then 30, hey, guys, how are you?


2. Mental health. Physical health is crucial in mental health. If you have headaches from sitting all day longs, you want be happy. And even more, sport was proven to be important to treat depressions and mental instabilities, which are really often bother our profession.


3. Discipline. I will write more about it in next posts because it is very complicated but useful side of sport. Every result one gain in the life is a result of planning, discipline and constancy. As in order to run a marathon or illustrate the book! All the same.


4. Motivation and planning tips. As for discipline, you need those for all long projects. And for me it was easier to realize them in sport and then to bring in illustration, because it is easy to measure sport and difficult to measure life and illustration.


5. It is fun :) And people are so great.



Share your experience, may be I don't know all about artists in sport:)

Does sport help you in any way? Or may be you still hate it after school classes?

Or may be you never ever tried and don't want to?

Please tell me, it is very interesting.