Olga Ptashnik is a self-taught illustrator and artist from Russia. 

11 years old she was skipping solfeggio classes to draw boats in the sea in the next cabinet and finished her Master Degree in Biophysics at 23 to find herself in illustration.

She finds her inspiration in nature living in the Caucasus Mountains.

Olga uses a wide range of traditional materials like pencils, graphite, watercolours, gouache and more.

She finds it very important for illustrations to bring stories and to have a reason to exist.


When not drawing she would hike or bike in the mountains or try to spot dolphins in the Black Sea.


Here you can find her portfolio and blog including #eraserexpertise - independent art supplies reviews.


So glad to be represented by VéroK Agency 



WWF supporter.

For any questions regarding work or just to say hi please contact me at hi@olgaptashnik.com

Thanks for visiting me here!



2022 Bologna Children's Book Fair - Winner

2021 Golden Pinwheel Young Illustrators Competition - Shortlist

2021 The AOI World Illustration Awards - Longlist

2021 XIV International illustration and book design competition - Non-fiction book category winner

2020 The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase (Frankfurt Book Fair 2020) - Shortlist  
2019 BabaKamo festival - shortlist
2019 The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase (Frankfurt Book Fair 2019) - Shortlist

2019  iJungle illustration Award - BEST OF THE BEST
2017 Fumetto comix festival (Luzern) - short list
2016 society of illustrators 59 annual show (NY, USA) - winner 
2016 boomfest comix festival competiton - prize for the best story
2016 3x3 student show - silver award




2019 Journey above the Earth: Diary of the swallow

2018 P.Oslikov continues to want to make it better. Samokat publishing house

2016 Adventures of P. Oslikov, the child who wanted to make it better. Samokat publishing house




2018 - Comic continent (Germany)



Olga Ptashnik