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Eraserexpertise 6. Derwent Inktense pencils.

Eraserexpertise 6. Derwent Inktense pencils.

Hi everyone, it is Eraserexpertise vol 6.


Derwent Inktense. Seems to be another set of watercolor pencils. 

What are they for? What is the difference?

Let's see!




So as we know they are almost as watercolor pencils, let's just try with no delay.


So first of all. They are BRIGHT. Even with no water color is dense, they cover well and I find it rather difficult to vary density. But who cares, if you can vary it with water! 

Texture is so good that I will zoom it form another test page:



It has interesting interaction with un-soluble pencils: if you use one upon fresh inktense splash, you will be able to wash the pencil off.

It can not be completely erased, but erasing helps to make it less bright both in dry or wet state.



But what is the difference with watercolors?


It fixes on paper!

As soon as you wash Inktense off and let it dry it is told to be fixed on paper. So you can add layers. Even so it is told to be ok for batik technics on fabrics!


So I did one more test page and let it dry for 24 hours to try to wash it off after.

Here you can see that it is not totally fixed, it still washes off, but just a little bit.

End of the pencil and tip could differ from the final color. Be careful!




And of course it was interesting to try it on fabrics.

So I did a test run with Inktense and usual color pencils, washed them off (interesting you can wash off usual pencils) and let them dry for a day. Then I wash test sheets in water with no soap. You can see results!


Sure Inktense stay stronger. But I still would not recommend to use them on fabrics - I don't see any sense. It is not completely fixable on fabrics, I am sure it is going to fade more and more with time and washes. It is impossible to get lines with pencils, because if you don't fix pencil with water, it will come off - you can see it in video. So you have to use water, so only blots. But if blots only, why use small pencil to cover all the space you need?

So it is interesting and can be useful in specific situations, but I am not sure it worth it for texile.


I've used plastic sheet under the piece of fabrics to prevent leaking.


Though pencils are interesting and I am sure bright color lovers will have a lot of pleasure:)

Here is my example of illustration on fabrics:


rate 4/5 for being fun and bright

price $1,5 per pencil in Russia

$3 in the UK 0_o (how is that?)






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