Eraserexpertise 7. Schmincke rubbelkrepp masking fluid

Eraserexpertise 7. Schmincke rubbelkrepp masking fluid

Hi everyone, it is Eraserexpertise vol 7.


Have you ever used masking fluids?

They are claimed to be useful in watercolors and gouache, even inks.

One can use fluid as masking material: apply fluid as paint on the surface you want to mask. It can be clean paper or already painted piece one wants to stay as it is. So artist can add layers. 

Let's try!



So first will try to cover plain paper. You actually have to put fluid in very thin layer, no need to cover paper with drops. It can be applied with brush, metal or glass pen, any stick you have. Usually there are two colors for masking fluid: it can be white or blue. I've chose white as I thought it is important to see white on paper, but now I think blue is better, because white is totally transparent, it is difficult to see it on paper. 


Ok, I got it dry and also put watercolor base on paper to layer it later:


When peeling off I scratched one spot of dry mask with a needle. I think it can be interesting effect of dry point after applying watercolor to this scratches. Mask can be peeled off by eraser. It is really cool how does it work.



And it totally works on gouache and watercolor covered paper, so it can be layered many times.


I found some information about not to dry the fluid with hair dryer. I've tried, of course, and didn't see the difference. May be it depends on paper. It is really important what paper you use. The fluid won't come off some papers.




rate 5/5 for being easy to peel and mask properly

price $6 per small bottle







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