Eraserexpertise 5. Magic watercolour sponge eraser from Frisk.

Eraserexpertise 5. Magic watercolour sponge eraser from Frisk.

Hi everyone, it is Eraserexpertise vol 5.


Magic watercolour sponge eraser - what is that? Eraser for watercolour? No way it works!

So the task is to try to erase watercolour with the sponge. Which watercolour? There is boxed, liquid, markers, pens and may be more (do you know more?). So I've decided to test all of them.


Blue is form Sennelier box, dark blue is liquid Ecoline and red is Winsor and Newton marker.

Do you believe your eyes??

Magic indeed! 


So it has some problems with liquid Ecoline, but two others are erased!

Also it has some cons:

  • it is soft so it is impossible to erase precisely, and also you have to give a sponge free space on your list. So you can erase big spot or, for example, drop of paint on clean sheet, but it is not exactly like usual eraser.
  • after the first usage it totally lost the shape so it will be even more difficult to control erasing


rate 5/5 for being cool and unexpected

price $1 per piece






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