Eraserexpertise 4. Bombay pen cleaner

Eraserexpertise 4. Bombay pen cleaner

Hi everyone, it is Eraserexpertise vol 4.


It is written it is "general purpose cleaner for Inks, Dyes, Pigments, Acrylics and Watercolor.


Doesn't harm metal pen parts

Non-corrosive non-toxic. Dip or soak pen parts and tip."


Let's try!



So I took really old dirty pen which was covered in ink for years. Actually there is always a problem for me to clean ink because it make everything dirty. I don't like ink as all mediums that are not easy to wash :)


So let's try!

Ok, no luck yet. Let it rest for some time in cleaner and try to wash pen tip with water. This pen is not so old - I used it 8-9 month ago :)

This one was easy. But going back to the old one: it is still covered in ink. I'll put it in cleaner bottle for few hours!

So it didn't clean old pen and old brush:) Yep, the brush was also kept like this for a long time.

So actually it seems that you can clean ink with water, but if it is too old/dirty and you can not clean it with water, you will not be able to clean it with pen cleaner either.


So it seems to be useless.



rate 0/5 for being useless

price $5