Eraserexpertise 3. Winsor and Newton Pigment Markers

Eraserexpertise 3. Winsor and Newton Pigment Markers

Hi everyone, it is Eraserexpertise vol 3.


Winsor and Newton Pigment Markers.

What is it? What it is for?

Ok. These markers are for those who are sure their art is going to be valuable in centuries :)

The coloring substance here is pigment-based as in any paints. Usually markers are dye-based. What does it mean? Actually I didn't find any reliable information about it. Dye is anyway a form of some colored particles being dissolved in some fluid. As far as I understand the major difference between dyes and pigments is the particle size and concentration. Dyes are much finer than pigments and are absorbed better.

Pigments are somehow more stable chemically so they stay at the surface as a film and - very important - are lightfast. It is written on WN web site that you have 100 years for each color! Wow! Have you ever seen what's happening with dye-based markers in the sunlight?


It is recommended to use special paper for these markers, but I saw art on all kinds of paper it was still great:) Don't know is it going last for 100 years though :)

So let's try them on.

Really nice blending of colors. And white marker is my favorite - it is opaque (and the only one to last for 200 years). White is for blending. Although you can use water to dissolve fresh drawing, it can harm chemical structure of the film, so it will not be so UV - protected.

Frankly speaking all these talks about hundreds years make me a little worried - is anyone at all in 100 years is going to be interested in my art? :) I don't know.


Yammy texture, really picturesque.

And paper is good.


Unreal blending



In order to let pigment particles pass over tips are extremely gentle. It is easy to destroy it even by put cap on. Also it will lose shape after some using if you will press hards on paper. 

It is important to keep markers horizontally not to clog the tip. They are not refillable.


AND! Damaged tips leak! Be careful. My backpack is ruined.

And test!



rate 4/5 for being too gentle and ruin my backpack :)

price $/$$$ which is strange for me







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