Eraserexpertise 2. Dust free eraser Faber-Castell

Hi everyone, it is Eraserexpertise vol 2.


Dust free eraser from Faber-Castell.

Actually only one question: really?

Really, there is no dust, only some kind of lumps. It is really great when you draw a lot, because I used to vacuum my table after one day of work, otherwise dirty eraser dust goes everywhere.  So this is a good solution.


Lets koh-i-noor it!

Koh-i-noor is standart test, when you replace anything with koh-i-noor eraser :) Because it is timeless classic.

I would say, this dust free eraser is great.

You can see koh-i-noor dust (and it is not even good) and also no-name great yellow eraser, which I like a lot - it is soft and nice, but it gives a lot of dust.


And it is great that dust free Faber-Castell eraser is soft but firm - so you can erase precisely.


5/5 stars




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