Hi everyone! 


This is eraserexpertise, my blog on art supplies. 

Even when I was in school, studying physics and math day and night, I was in love with office supplies stores. 

And then I've discovered ART supplies stores. I would spend all little money to buy new pack of something, put in my tiny art box and wait :) Because it was too good to start. Do you know this feeling of new sketchbook?:)


But once I finished my sketchbook to the end and realized that this feeling is even better. And then I got courage enough to try all amazing treasures from art stores :) Since then I've done master in biophysics and some different non-art stuff, but got only more pencils to love:)


So here it is.

Independent blog about art supplies: reviews, videos, tips and more.

Each friday on my Instagram stories and forever - here.


Stay tuned!