Exhibition "Around Turkey"

For the last 8 month I have been living in Turkey. Having travelled 7000 km across the country, been in the desert, on salt marshes, in the mountains, in a snowstorm - I find inspiration in nature and history, and Turkey is full of both. A crossroads of people and animals, Asia Minor is a combination of many traditions, and an interweaving of many stories. That is what I wanted to share with my sketching diaries at the exhibition in the bookstore Maleviç in Antalya.


We had a wonderful opening day with a talk and workshop and I was really glad to see the interest and a lot of questions about the journey and drawing.

I wanted to share my experience in complex framing, so we had an engaging workshop and there were wonderful results.


It was a great event, I am very grateful to the owner of the shop, Victoria, for hosting us and for everyone who came for the opening, it was a perfect way to say goodbye to this adventure.









Tesekkulrer Turkey!