Diary of a swallow is in the theater!

Diary of a swallow is in the theater!

Is it possible? Our little swallow landed in the Saint-Petersburg Puppet Theater!

The premiere was today and I wish I could visit it, but still it is a big dream to be a part of the play in a real theater. If you are in Saint- Petersburg, you can buy tickets here: https://puppets.ru/spec/165


I was really glad that the director of the play read the book exactly with the idea we put in, here is a desricption of the play:

We are born free beings, we can fly wherever we want! Children and birds share an incredible sense of freedom. "Swallow's Diary" is a story about how important it is to keep that feeling, how through difficult decisions, difficulties and obstacles to continue, to keep flying!


It is a very important message right now and I hope to bring it trough my art.



Pavel Kvartalnov and Olga Ptashnik

Director – Ksenia Pavlova
Artist – Daria Lazareva
Light artist – Ksenia Kozlova
Videoart – Daria Pika 


Performer – Ekaterina Lozhkina-Belevich