Wild born citizens

Pavel Kvartalnov & Olga Ptashnik | 64pp | 22.7 x 28.5 cm

Many people over the world live in cities, getting around by subway or cars and living in houses made of glass and concrete. It’s a world where nature often seems forgotten. But, if you look around, in any city, dandelions break their ways through small cracks in the sidewalks, and birds weave their nests in the attics of multi-storey buildings. Stop for a minute, open your eyes and take a look: cities are full of wildlife! Tailed and feathered citizens live all around us… See how they do just that by flipping through the pages of this book!

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by Pavel Kvartalnov & Olga Ptashnik | 48pp | 22.7 x 28.5 cm

As autumn sets in and the weather is getting colder, so the journey starts every year of thousands of swallows flying from Europe to Africa, in search of warmer climates. Follow one of them and its companions, as they leave Ireland, flying over cities, mountains, sea, desert and jungle to get to destination. A long trip full of excitement, discoveries and dangers for a little bird. Debut album of Russian ornithologist Pavel Kvartalnov and  illustrator Olga Ptashnik, the book has been selected amongst 350 projects for the “DPictus Unpublished Picturebook Showcase”, to take place at the 2019 Frankfurt Bookfair.


Rights sold in France, Russia, Germany, Taiwan & Croatia. All other rights available 




Best of the best iJungle illustration Award 2019
The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase Shortlist 2019 (Frankfurt Book Fair 2019)
BabaKamo festival shortlist 2019

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